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Introducing the Kitchen Spring Slicer:
- Precise slicing with 30+ unique cuts.
- Effortless operation with triple blade system.
- Versatile for various dishes.
- Safe and streamlined design.
- No electricity needed.
- Built to last with stainless steel blades.
- Easy to use and maintain.

  • Locking safety system: Secures slicer during use, minimizing accidents.
  • Adaptive design: Reduces manual adjustments, lowering hazards.
  • Hand-operated: No electricity needed, reducing electrical risks.
  • Break-resistant container: Prevents injuries from broken parts.
  • Easy-to-use design: Minimizes user error and accidents

    The parts of the Kitchen Spring Slicer include:
    1. Triple blade system
    2. Foldable base
    3. Locking safety system
    4. Collection vessel
    5. Push accessory
    6. XXL feed port

    Easy to clean:

    1. Removable blades
    2. Dishwasher safe
    3. Smooth surfaces
    4. Fewer parts
    5. Compact design
    6. Food holder
    7. Quick assembly
    8. Non-porous materials